Monitoring processes


Our backfilling tasks are under constant surveillance, with metrics refreshing at one-second intervals. This ensures you have the most up-to-date insights into the performance and progress of your jobs. Developers have two options for accessing these metrics:

  1. On-Demand Access: At any time during the backfilling process, you can request the latest metrics directly, allowing you to integrate this data into your monitoring systems on your schedule.

  2. Webhook Integration: Set up a dedicated webhook URL when you create your job, and our system will push metrics regularly to your endpoint. This seamless integration is designed for developers looking to incorporate metrics into their existing infrastructure without the need for polling.

Whichever method you choose, you'll be equipped with the information you need to optimize your application's performance and monitor your backfilling processes effectively.

Available metrics:



Transactions that got sent to webhook


Amount of transactions scanned


Scan speed


Progress in percentage

Job Status Lifecycle

Throughout the execution of your backfilling job, you can expect the job status to transition through several states. To keep track of your job's current status, you have a couple of convenient options:

  • Fetch the Latest Status: Query our API to retrieve the most recent status information for your job. This is perfect for those who prefer pulling data on demand.

  • Webhook Notifications: Provide a webhook URL when setting up your job, and our system will proactively send status updates to your endpoint. This method suits those who prefer an automated, push-based approach to stay informed.

Understanding Status Transitions

The job status moves through the following stages during backfilling operations:

  • CREATED: Your job is set up and in the queue, awaiting its start.

  • STARTING: The job is initiated. This stage includes preparing the necessary resources and configurations.

  • RUNNING: Your backfilling process is active. You can check its progress via real-time metrics.

  • STOPPING: The job is winding down gracefully, saving its current state.

  • PAUSED: The job is on hold. You can resume at a future time from this state.

  • COMPLETED: The job has finished processing the specified range of blocks.

Stay in tune with your backfilling progress by opting for either of these methods for job status updates.

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