Welcome WEB3 frens

What is DH3

A fresh new way of how data should be managed, processed, served, and owned. In web2 days in most cases, you were just a person who generated data but had no clue what was going on behind that, here we are trying to make a real difference by empowering all web3 users to participate, educate themself, and earn from it.

Question: "Could you explain Web3 to a 5-year-old?"

The answer:

Web1 -> Web2 -> Web3 = Read-Only -> Read-Write -> Read-Write-Own

by Chris Dixon @ a16z

Main objectives

  • Effective storage - OSS, No cloud

  • Minimize time to create data sets, save weeks or even months for users - No code tools

  • Data ownership and royalties from your contributions

  • Prefer rapid development. Distributed from the start, decentralized in the near feature

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