Data ownership

Developer-Centric Data Discovery Ecosystem

As developers and data enthusiasts, we're often confined to using datasets that gain popularity or are deemed useful by the masses. Typically, the cycle is straightforward: an application gains traction, and only then do the associated datasets become readily accessible. Or alternatively, developers invest time and resources to construct datasets without necessarily being rewarded for their efforts.

Break the Cycle: Ownership and Revenue Sharing

Introducing a Transformative Approach: We're breaking away from the norm by offering a platform that not only motivates users to delve into data discovery but also compensates them for their contributions. This system aligns with the principles of open-source development, where the sharing of resources benefits the creator as well as the community at large.

Data Set Ownership: Creators can claim ownership of their data sets upon creation. These data sets can be made publicly available and accessible via API, allowing seamless integration and combination with other datasets to form more sophisticated data constructs.

Monetization through Utilization: With a mechanism similar to artist's royalties in the music industry, every instance where a data set is utilized generates revenue for its creator. This not only incentivizes the creation of more datasets but also ensures that creators are rewarded proportionately to the value their work brings to the ecosystem.

Practical Example: Data Sets in the Wild

Consider the early users of DH3, navigating through vast uncharted data territories. One pioneer assembles a data set compiling price indices from on-chain oracle data. This type of data set could become a hot commodity, integrated by countless others into their applications and analyses. As use cases surge, so too does the creator's revenue - a perfect illustration of the scalability and potential rewards of this user-centric data discovery model.

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